Welcome to the Max & Ivan: Commitment backstage pass! For your eyes only, here's everything in one page; we'd love it if you share the special, but ideally not this link...


Filmed at the Edinburgh Fringe... where we happen to be this year with a brand new show.


Footage of the full surprise gig, and the rehearsal that lead up to it in a 5-part playlist.


Get transported back to 2006, and watch Voodoo 7:2 at Liverpool's iconic Cavern Club. 8 tracks? Yes please.


Ivan's talents know ̶n̶o̶ bounds. Here's another bit of facebusking filmed by our friends at NextUp, who have the Max & Ivan live show back catalogue (AKA the Max & Ivanthology) available to view here.


It was on sale for a brief period at Probe records in Liverpool, and available tochase in Rough Trade, had the boys figured out how to get a bar code created... now all 10 tracks are here for you: